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Creating Flowers For Weddings 

Creating wedding flowers is the part of my business I love most and being invited to create this work is an honour.

I love knowing that the designs we have discussed and created will be a part of your memories, captured in your photographs on your special day. Creating bespoke designs is the ethos behind Amamini Flowers and the floral work I aim to create for your wedding day.  


Here's an overview about how I work with you. 

The contact form with your wedding date and overall requirements comes to me via my email, I'll then contact you to arrange a consultation either at my studio or if possible your venue. There is a £25 consultation fee, deducted if you make a booking. At the consultation we will have plenty of time to discuss all your ideas and the budget you have available, with my suggestions and experience about how to achieve these. If you like the ideas and suggestions and would like to engage me as your wedding florist a deposit of £150 is required to hold the date. I will then send you a detailed overview and final costs based on our consultation. I am always quick to answer your questions and have another meeting if required. On the week of your wedding, your wedding is generally the only wedding I'll do. 


My wedding flowers will be created personally for you. I aim to take on a maximum of 16 weddings a year. I want to be excited and fresh for each wedding, ready to give 100% in all the aspects and details required to make your wedding flowers the best they can be. I have been very lucky to work with brides who consider flowers an important aspect of their wedding day.


My minimum budget is £600. In terms of price being a studio florist, without shop overheads, allows me far greater flexibility with the quantity of flowers I use, detailed work, service and time that I can afford to devote to each customer at every wedding. I believe that the luxury floristry I produce offers creativity and excellent value. In terms of prices for micro weddings, please do call and enquire, I'd be very happy to discuss these on an individual basis at this time. 

I look forward to hearing from you and discussing your ideas. 

 Bouquets for the Bride & Bridesmaids 


There are not many opportunities for most of us to carry flowers, but your wedding day is certainly the one day you can enjoy this wonderful pleasure.

All Amamini bridal bouquets are unique to you. Tied bouquet, £90.


Your bouquet is a lovely accessory and should complement your style, your wedding gown and the vibe of your wedding day. Your bouquet will be in your photo album long after the flowers have faded! 

Starting with perfect flowers, I put a great deal of thought and love into creating the perfect wedding bouquet for every bride.

Bridesmaids bouquets are no less important to me, they usually feature similar flowers or style to the brides bouquet and are as equally exquisite. I love making tiny posies for the hands of smaller or younger bridesmaids.However, it will always be the brides bouquet that will stand out individually! Adult bridesmaids, tied bouquets, £55.

Click into the photo opposite to see more bouquets. 

Buttonholes & Corsages 


Buttonholes are the most popular floral pieces worn by male wedding guests. Like the flowers for the female bridal party, they should reflect the clothes and vibe of the day. They can be as simple or flamboyant as you like. Buttonholes can be either wired or tied. The main point to consider is choosing flowers and foliage that stand up well to being out of water and are robust enough to withstand hugs! Although there are no rules, buttonholes are worn by the groom, his best man and the person giving the the bride away. All or any number of the bridal party can wear buttonholes.

I usually tie in a flower or detail for the groom that features in the brides bouquet.


Corsages are often asked for by older female guests. They are more elaborate than buttonholes, really more of a floral brooch and are secured by a brooch pin rather than the single pin used for male buttonholes.

Corsages are also effective pinned to a hat. 

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