Choosing Your Flowers

- Some recommendations -

How do you see your wedding day looking?

Where will your wedding take place?

Considering this and clearly establishing your personal style and look will help you choose everything from venue, dress and then your flowers…whatever your budget is! Knowing your style and look will help you focus on your loves rather than your love-nots! Inspiration can come from wedding blogs, magazines and of course your own friend’s weddings. Keep a record of what you love, to build up a picture of how your wedding day will look when you start visiting suppliers.



Will you be having your ceremony at the reception venue or at a religious site away from the reception venue? In terms of flowers this can make a difference. I aim to use flowers as economically as possible, for example taking church flowers to the venue if I can. However if this is far away from the reception venue this may not always to possible. Your venue can also affect what flowers you might have. A wedding at home and you can do what you like - however flowers at a public venue may need to be removed straight after the wedding reception ends or the next day, and there might be restrictions on what one can do within the rooms. 

How will I help you create your wedding flowers?

What is your budget?

When I meet brides, they usually have the venue and their wedding gown chosen. When choosing wedding flowers and especially the bridal flowers, considering the time of year, the colour palette that best compliments the bridal party clothes, your height, shape, and the style of dress is a big part of choosing what style of bouquet to choose. Naturally you will have spent a lot of time thinking about and choosing your wedding gown. Knowing what dress suits you is easier, I will help you to compliment your dress with flowers and style of bouquet. I will offer suggestions on what flowers may best suit you and the wedding style you have described to me. Perhaps you won’t have heard of the flowers or combinations that I suggest or considered using them. Beware magazines and Pinterest that do show pictures of Peonies for a winter wedding, it’s possible, but would be risky and very expensive! Choosing flowers for your wedding is collaborative and my aim and hope is that you will be delighted with your chosen flowers and arrangements. 

Considering  your floral budget will really help achieve a happy outcome.

Thinking about your budget honestly will help me explore ideas with you that really fit your budget. Everyone wants wow and wow does often come with a higher price tag, however some food for thought:

From your overall wedding budget, 10% on flowers will see them as a lovely part of your wedding day. If you really love flowers, 15-20%  will see them as the focal part of the wedding decor.

Flowers are very expensive in their "raw" state, however in skilled hands that wow factor can be achieved if expectations are managed from the start. Less really can be more! 

The art of creating beautiful flowers does take time to consider and create and that is part of the cost of your floral arrangements. It is floral installations requiring a lot of time to create that do cost more. However, don’t let it put you off desiring feature installations, having come to a freelance florist without shop over heads, it means you will definitely get more flowers and time for your money!