Wedding Flowers By Season

What's best each season? This is a question that I think a lot about, not only because I like to consider sustainable aspects in my work, choosing to use the flowers of a given season means you will have the best quality and the best overall feel and look whatever part of the year your wedding takes place in.  As a florist that enjoys working with the seasons in mind, the flowers below are simply a selection of  floral ingredients that are at their very best and available during a particular season. 

Winter Flowers


Winter, running from December to February.

Rich jewel coloured flowers like the burgundy Anemones pictured make a gorgeous pop of colour in the spareness of winter. 

Narine Lilies are an exquisite choice of flower, with a delicate flower shape, perfect for all kinds of arrangements and bouquets.  Available in white, pink or most luxurious of all, deep red.

Cymbidium Orchids are a chic, elegant and yet an affordable floral choice in winter. Colours from burgundy, red, pink, green and white. Happy out of water they are a great bridal flower choice. Ranunculus, or the winter rose come in a huge choice of colours and sizes. 

All of the flowers mentioned associate very well with many pretty and favourite filler flowers that I use a lot. Wax flower being one, seen in the photo as pale pink. 

For natural seasonal luxury collecting Snowdrops for bridal work is lovely.  

Spring Flowers


Spring, running from March to May.

I adore Fritillaries, five petal bells seen here in rare white are a wonderful choice for an early Spring wedding. Also coming in chequer board red and white, they are a very sexy flower!

White is very much a colour of spring, many spring flowers like blossoms, Spirea, Lilac, Cowparsley, Hyacinths, Narcissi,

Lily of the valley naturally white and available for a short window.

Scented Lily of the valley is an expensive but wonderful flower to have tucked into a brides bouquet with its symbolism of happiness. 

Forget me knots are a perfect spring flower and can be your something blue! Their tiny blue flowers on wiry stems really do say spring! Tulips are one of my favourite flowers. They come in a dazzling array of colours and shapes. 

What could be more romantic than heart shaped flowers? Grown in my cutting garden, Dicentra, available for a few spring brides.

Summer Flowers


Summer, running from June to August.

Peonies are for many brides a dream summer flower. They are indeed gorgeous petal filled flowers as the photo shows, perfect for a classic Summer wedding, if your budget is generous.  

I love to use scented Sweet-peas, lacy Ammi, Astrantia, Nigella, Cornflowers, scented herbs, and of course Roses.

In my cutting garden I grow a number of David Austen Roses, which I can cut as required, perhaps the best way to enjoy these delicate, scented and luxurious Roses. Beautiful Dutch & South American grown Roses may offer less natural scent, but they come in so many colours and shapes and are perfect for bridal flowers.

As with all the seasons, in the summer I try to use over looked and individual flowers of the season, as well as year round available and beautiful flowers like Freesia, Lisianthus, Campanula and Dianthus to name just a few that I regularly feature in my floral work.  


Autumn Flowers


Autumn, running from September to November. 

Dahlia's continue to be very popular and fashionable flowers for Autumn, coming in an absolutely vast selection of colours and shapes. Some are best when cut directly from a cutting garden as they travel less well. They also answer the call to buy local, something I am as a florist trying to consider in my floral work when I can, in today's climate. Considering environmental issues when I can in my work. 

In Autumn I love to forage for texture, in the form of seed heads, berries, rose hips and foliages. Using foraged ingredients gives a very personal and seasonal feel to my overall floral work. Texture, like scent is always a bit part of my work to evoke a season. 

Cosmos is a very relaxed and dainty flower, seen here in white, it also comes in pinks and best of all deep dark burgundy. Chocolate Cosmos is a really beautiful flower that associates very well with the Autumn palette.