Christmas Wreath Workshops 

Since 2014, I have absolutely loved teaching a huge variety of people how to make really professional looking Christmas door wreaths!

Currently taking place in my light-filled greenhouse studio, there is always a generous and interesting selection of ingredients to choose from. Each person has a mossed base sitting on the bench ready for them to use. 

Wreath making is a fun Christmas event, with groups never more than six I ensure that everyone receives enough help to achieve an impressive outcome. Everyone has always left very proud of their work, even if it is their first attempt at creating a Christmas door wreath. Many come year after year! Mothers & daughters, groups of friends have always been part of the class makeup. Homemade refreshments have always been important part of the workshop, starting with a generous morning coffee and cake, then lunch which is included in the day. 


I offer up to 4 classes a season in early December, both mid week and one weekend day for those that work. The classes in 2021 will cost £95. Dates & Bookings are advertised in October. Please do contact me at anytime during the year if you wish to do a class, and I can contact you when dates are set. I also offer 1:1 classes for those that want to go big with their wreaths or make their own unique seasonal pieces for their homes, if their skill set allows this. I'm open to ideas about anything you would like to create. let's chat!

"I think this is one of the most rewarding things I did all year, as someone who has little confidence in my artistic creativity, I was fearful of my own ability! The combination of the steady and gentle encouragement by Elisabeth, she is a fun and patient teacher and with 5 other woman, it was really really fun. We had homemade soup and bread for lunch and a chance for a chat. I was so proud of my completed wreath, husband & teens were too! I will be returning next year."


Lizzie - 2018 

"I loved the wreath making Workshop and was given such individual tuition resulting in an amazing wreath which highly impressed my family and friends, considering it was my first attempt!"


Su - 2016